This section is NOT Cornish Migration orientated. The CGMP do have access (with permission of the copyright holder) to some unique records. We would like to share these with our Cornish cousins around the world. We are therefore publishing a series of PDF files which are surveys of ALL the memorials traced within a particular ecclesiastical parish of Cornwall (there are about 255 such Cornish parishes!  We hold in our archives photographs of many of the memorials that are listed in these Parish surveys, it is not practical to publish all these photos on this site. However, feel free to contact us for a copy (if we have one). Do not forget to see our Support page!
One problem we have suffered from in the past is breach of COPYRIGHT. Please respect. We have experienced copying of our files which have then appeared on web sites, sadly not on pay sites but free to view sites (often with a ‘transcribers name’ not recognised by us) without any acknowledgement of the source and the hard work and expense required to glean the information. Please feel free to create a link to our site. We are delighted when a Cornish family find something to add to their ancestors history.  

For each Parish we upload there is a PDF Register which sets out the full wording on each memorial and each memorial has been allocated a Reference number. We also include a separate location plan of the surveyed burial ground - this sketch map sets out the memorial reference indicating the approximate position of the memorial within the burial ground. This may help any visitor to find a memorial without hours of search!

                  Treleigh Parish - Register of Memorials                                                                     (135 pages, 1505 memorials)

Treleigh Parish Cornwall

             Hayle St. Elwyn Parish - Register of Memorials                                                       (10 Pages, 51 memorials)

                       Ruan Major Parish - Register of Memorials                                                                         (12 pages, 64 Memorials)

Cornwall Memorial Inscriptions Parish of Ruan Major

    Treleigh Churchyard - Location Plan Memorials                                      Best to download file and then increase size!

Hayle St. Elwyn Parish Church - Location plan of Memorials

Hayle Parish Church Location plan

Ruan Major Parish Churchyard - Location Plan of Memorials

Cornwall Ruan Major Parish Location of Memorials