Our collections - Explanations and Listings

The heart of our enterprise is our complex database. However, we have other resources. For instance, Our Library of printed materials is quite extensive. This is designed to hold published material  that is not easily found in UK libraries, we delight in material that is not easily obtained, particularly if published in foreign countries and perhaps self published (say family histories, distributed to only family & friends). We have various other collections connection with the Cornish migration experience. Catalogues for some of these tangible have been made available below. Is your ancestor named in one of these catalogues?

One problem we have is that our rooms at Murdoch House are not of great area. However, we believe with some cunning design we can make our rooms more ‘user’ friendly, which is the main reason we have the support page on this site.  

Catalogues of Some of our Collections, click on the PDF symbol to view listings.

Our Library

Not yet available

Migrant Letters

Not yet available

               Michigan Pay Cheques                                        (11 pages + 1 image) 18 May 2020

Michigan Pay Cheques

                    Share Certificates                                             (5 pages + 5 images) 19 May 2020

Share certificates

                    Nationality (USA)                                                   (25 pages + 5 images) 21 May 2020


                Faces of the Diaspora                                 (8 pages + 8 images) 18 June 2020

                          Funeral Cards (Memento Mori)                                                                                       (8 pages + 6 images) 22 May 2020

Funeral Cards

                                Wedding Announcements                                                                                                             (5 pages + 9 images) 22 May 2020

Wedding Announcememts Cards

                                          Post Cards Home                                                                                            (5 pages + 10 images) 26 May 2020

Family Bibles

Not yet available

Paintings & Framed Prints

Not yet available